OSP - Online.Selling.Platform



You know the situation - CMS not in house because of too little time and therefore outsourced to a webdesigner for a fee, or difficult and only usable under trouble because it is much too complex? The GASTROdat website guarantees you the simplest operability and traceability, since all our OSP modules are cast from one mold and function according to the same logic. Furthermore, the site clearly reflects your existing room categories and services from your room management software. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Keep track of the content on your webpage at all times and fill temporary action pages with just a few clicks, update your photos yourself or simply bring your content to the potential guest in a friendly way!



The MarketingManager makes the correspondence with your guests much easier, with a few clicks you can send information before arrival (see also PCI), evaluation links after departure, personalized birthday mails or you increase the chance of a booking by means of a friendly follow-up mail to open offers.

Furthermore, he is your "virtual assistant" in first place, with whom you send newsletters on your topics - fast, uncomplicated and tailor-made for the respective group of guests.



Has the guest accepted your offer and already made a digital reservation?

Then simply send them additional information before their arrival and the PreCheckIn link, which allows them to update their data "live" in your guest file in advance.

Queues at the reception belong to the past...

How do you do that?
With our MarketingManager, of course.



The PromotionManager in turn manages to email your remaining capacities to a selected group of guests, provided with a "candy".

Ready to use with a possible time-dependent discount in order to present attractive last-minute booking possibilities to short-determined and flexible guests.



The business card of your house!

Naturally fully responsive and designed in the CI of your overall appearance.

Emphasize the seasonal specialties of your hotel business by means of linked teasers and make it easy for your guests to book - directly and from the offer, with reduced work for you.



You know how it is, a guest cancels at short notice, moreover, you always have "holes like Emmentaler" in your room schedule between long-term stays and you ask yourself, how can I sell these rooms quickly and easily?

Your next virtual manager, who basically creates a negative of your room plan according to your specifications "what counts as a gap in my house", e.g. 2-4 nights and then provides them with your personal discount logic (only if desired and considered necessary!) Then you place rooms per room on your personal market, namely the remaining space market on your own website or send direct offers with the PromotionManager. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)